Tai Chi Medicated Oil 一 Yi Di Tong 一滴通太极风油 (6ml Glass Bottle)


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Product Name: Tai Chi Yi Di Tong

Type: Healthcare Supply
Usage: External Use only.
Capacity: 6ml one bottle.
Weight: 40g Individual pack.
Size: 18mm* 18mm* 89mm
Colour: Light yellow colour. No colour added.
Place of Origin: Singapore
Term of validity: 5 Years

Effective in alleviating symptoms induced by the following aliments:
1. Headache and dizziness
2. Motion sickness
3. Colds, Flu, Nasal Congestion
4. Chest tightness
5. Abdominal pain
6. Sleep peacefully
7. Relief skin itch from insect bites

General Directions:
1. Apply on affected areas 3-5 times per day
2. Each course of treatment should last from 5 to 7 days

Tai Chi Medicated Oil – Yi Di Tong Main Ingredients:
o Radix Notopterygii
o Angelica Dahurica
o Rhizoma Ligustici ChuanXiong
o Radix Saposhnikoviae
o Herba Asari
o Fructus Xanthii
o Oleum Menthae
o Methyl Salicylate
o Jasmine Oil
o While Oil

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