Tai Chi Medicated Balm – Shang Feng Gao 太极伤风膏 (30ml Glass Bottle)


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Product Name: Tai Chi Balm – Shang Feng Gao

Type: Healthcare Supply
Usage: External Use only.
Capacity: 30g one bottle.
Weight: 110g Individual pack.
Size: 47mm* 87mm* 70mm
Colour: Light green colour.
Place of Origin: Singapore
Term of validity: 5 Years

Effective in alleviating symptoms induced by the following aliments:
1. Muscular and Joint Injuries such as Bruises and Sprains
2. Neck, Shoulder and Waist Soreness
3. Relieve from Rheumatism Pain
4. Spasms due to Nerve Impingement
5. Colds, Flu, Nasal Congestion, Headaches and Nausea
6. Abnormal Distension, Chest Discomfort, Breathlessness
7. Skin Problems such as Itchiness, Minor Scalds, Burns, Bites
8. Itchy coughing.

General Directions:
1. Apply on affected areas 3-5 times per day
2. Each course of treatment should last from 5 to 7 days

Tai Chi Balm – Shang Feng Gao Main Ingredients:
o Mentholum
o Methyl Salicylate
o Oleum Menthae
o Fructus Xanth II
o Radix Notopteryg II
o Angelica Dahurica
o Ligusticum Chuanxiong
o Saposhnikoviae Radix
o Petroleum Jelly

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